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Why not just use Zoom?

Dr. Gilbert Patterson

One question we often hear a lot at VetNOW is why not just use Zoom to conduct telemedicine with clients?  After all, it is quick and easy, and most everyone these days knows how to use it.  This is all well and true, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on why using a formalized telemedicine platform such as VetNOW has its advantages over Zoom.  Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider using VetNOW for your next telemedicine consult with your clients:

  1. Security – VetNOW’s software was originally adapted from a human telemedicine platform, bringing with it all of the required HIPAA and HL7 compliance standards to protect client confidentiality, privacy, and data integrity.  While this level of security may seem excessive for veterinary medicine, by holding yourself to this high standard, you can demonstrate that you take your clients’ sensitive medical information very seriously.    
  1. Medical Document Storage – Once you click “End Meeting” in Zoom, the details of your meeting are lost into cyberspace. With VetNOW, a time-stamped medical record is created after each virtual consult, allowing you to easily and officially document the details of your virtual exam.  Supplement this record with any pictures, videos, or lab reports that are related to the discission, helping to support any diagnoses or treatment recommendations that are made during your meeting. Rest easy knowing that all your records are securely stored on VetNOW’s Cloud, making them easy to retrieve and review whenever needed. 
  1. Billing –  Your time is valuable and worth something.  Just because you are sharing your expertise over the phone or in a web-meeting, does not mean that it should be given away for free. Stop agonizing over how clients will react when you start billing for your telemedicine consults.  The VetNOW platform allows you to decide if, when, and how much you want to charge for a virtual consults, and securely takes care of this information before you even enter the virtual exam. This way you can get back to practicing medicine with the knowledge that you are being fairly compensated for your efforts. 

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